Working Papers

Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans

With Jason Abaluck, Mauricio Caceres Bravo, and Amanda Starc. Draft available on request.

Non-Random Exposure to Natural Experiments: Theory and Applications

With Kirill Borusyak. Draft available on request.

Measuring Racial Discrimination in Bail Decisions

With David Arnold and Will Dobbie. Updated April 2020

Estimating Hospital Quality with Quasi-experimental Data

Updated January 2020

Quasi-Experimental Shift-Share Research Designs

With Kirill Borusyak and Xavier Jaravel.

Updated December 2019. Revision requested, Review of Economic Studies

ssaggregate Stata package for estimating shift-share IV with exogenous shocks

Estimating Treatment Effects in Mover Designs

Updated April 2018

IsoLATEing: Identifying Counterfactual-Specific Treatment Effects

with Cross-Stratum Comparisons

Updated February 2018.